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 Our mission

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Building Community Through Storytelling

SILO began as a simple film idea, one that we hoped would entertain moviegoers nationwide. However, the more we dug into the subject of grain entrapment, the more we realized how passionate the communities of agriculture and fire rescue are about farm safety.

We never could have produced this film without the help of incredible partners behind the scenes who support farm safety in ways big and small. It is thanks to them that our low-budget independent film is having a tremendous impact.


Host a Screening. Save a Life.


As part of our initiative to foster community and inspire dialogue around farm safety, the SILO team has partnered with the Grain Handling Safety Coalition to create a thoughtful discussion guide to be used after watching the film.

The Grain Handling Safety Coalition is a fantastic organization and a true thought leader in agricultural safety. Therefore, we will be giving a portion of all Community Screening Campaign revenue to GHSC, so that they can continue to do their life-saving work.

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